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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mt. Telakawa & Capas National Shrine

Mt. Telakawa in Capas Tarlac

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Mt. Telakawa  is a mountain in the province of Tarlac, at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo. Elevation is measured at 645 Meters above sea level. It is not a famous mountain but it offers a breathtaking view of Mt. Pinatubo and the entire "lahar" field.

We again joined the Conquer Team for the third time to explore another mountain, at the same time to learn more. We wanted to show that adding a bit of adventure in to your every day lives can help provide the feeling of fulfillment.
LNT Orientation


Day 1
Start Trekking

0800 - Assembly at Cubao
0900 - ETD Capas Tarlac
1100 - ETA Capas Tarlac
1130 - Take Tricycyle to Brgy. Sta Juliana
1230 - ETA Brgy. Sta Juliana /Arrange Guide/Late lunch
1400 - Orientation/Activity
1530 - Start Trek
1630 - ETA Aeta Village
1700 - Kambingan / last water source
1730 - ETA summit campsite
1830 - Pitch Tent/prepare Dinner
1900 - Dinner
2000 - Socials
Happy Kids along the trail - good vibes!
2200 - Lights-out

Day 2

0530 - Wake-up Call/sunrise viewing
0600 - Prepare Breakfast
0630 - Eat Breakfast / photo ops
0730 - Break Camp
0830 - Start Descend
0930 - Kambingan
1000 - Aeta Village
1100 - ETS Brgy. Sta Juliana / Wash-up
1200 - Lunch
1300 - Post Climb
1400 - ETD Capas National Shrine
1430 - ETA Capas National Shrine
1600 - ETD Manila
1900 - ETA Manila


The group consisted of Conquer Participants - a total of 32 happy climbers.  I would say that some of us were somewhat strangers to each other, but the world is small and so we simply gathered, here in this place with the same purpose - to discover things, to enjoy, to have friends, to reach the summit of Mt. Telakawa and make memories that we will forever cherish.

Lead pack at the summit campsite
Summit Campsite
Pitching tent
One thing that I appreciated most in this climb is having a lot of social interactions with other climber. At the very first part of the event, we had a short briefing regarding reminders on how can we preserve, protect and lower the impact of mountaineering in every mountain. It is also a time that we share our experiences and knowledge.

The group was divided into three due to the pacing of each climber. We started our trek around 2:45PM. We we're blessed to be able to hike during that time as we were not directly exposed to the heat of the sun.

panoramic shot - early morning
the majestic Mt. Arayat seen from the summit of Mt. Telakawa
Summit View
Around 5:30PM, our group acting as the lead pack reached the summit camp, followed by the middle pack around 5:50 PM and finally the tail pack around 6:30PM.

We were able to set our camps before the rain started. Some of the group were first timers when it comes to this kind of weather, and it became evident when they experienced difficulty on preparing their dinner due to the continuous rain. No socials for us that night. We chose to rest to be able to regain our energy, though I heard some of the participants were able to push through with the socials.
Conquer - Hitting the trail
panoramic view of summit campsite

Explorer pointing Mt. Arayat - Summit View
with sweet explorer - conqured Mt. Telakawa

Rise and Shine - The majestic Mt. Arayat greeted us an awesome morning. The view at the summit is simply amazing. The wide "lahar field" is visible. It is also offers a 360 summit view, that even the long Sierra Madre range can be seen. Though the sun is just right above us, we didn’t mind the heat, we just enjoy the scenery and the refreshing feel brought by the chill wind.

Conquerors - Summit of Mt. Telakawa
Lahar area 
We reached Aeta Village around 9:40AM. This is my first time to interact with these indigenous people. We were happy to help them in our small way by giving some of our food and medicine kits. Together we can help and make a difference - through big and small things.

In this climb - new things were learned, people were appreciated and most of all God, from time to time again, never failed to amaze me. People were awesome.
Indigenous people along the trail
Until we meet again
boodle fight
post climb
Entering Capas National Shrine

The group then feasted on a delicious boodle fight prepared by the friendly locals. BURRP!. Afterwards, we proceeded to another activity. We enjoyed the game prepared by Conquer Absolute.

Post Climb - The last part of the climb, every participants shared their either positive or negative thoughts about the climb. Overall, Conquer met our expectations.

We were able to visit the Capas National Shrine - a memorial created for the Filipino and American soldiers who died at Camp O'Donnel at the end of the Bataan Death March  This is significant site related to Veterans' Day in the Philippines. I'm proud to see the name of my ancestor ^_^ .

Time to go Home! - the sad part of every adventure trips.

Special Thanks to Conquer Absolute for hosting and preparing for the cool activities; to M'Jane, S'Edmund and the rest of Conquer Outdoor Equipment team for organizing this event.

Another lesson learned. Experience is the best teacher, reminding us that a formal training goes a long way when it comes to our passion for the outdoors. Through this we'll be able to rediscover ourselves and our purpose.

panoramic view of Capas National Shrine
The Conqueror's - Group Picture
Mt. Telakawa and Capas National Shrine Video <------

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