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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mt. Sembrano Dayhike

Mt. Sembrano in Pililla Rizal

Fresh Buko

Mt. Sembrano is situated in Brgy. Malaya, Pililla, Rizal. Elevation is measured at 745 Meters above sea level. Instead of  running on Oval in Marikina, Joana and I decided to join a quick hike, organized by Eldie.We climbed this mountain way back November 2011, so the place was familiar to us. This culminates our four-week of outdoor training.

Manggahan Campsite

lunch time

0600 Assembly at Starmall Crossing
0630 ETD Tanay Market
0830 ETA Tanay Market (buy packed lunch)
0900 Take tricycle to Brgy. Malaya
1000 ETA Brgy. Malaya (Brgy. Hall) Register
1030 Start Trek
1130 Manggahan Campsite (Lunch)
1300 Resume Trek
1430 Peak 1
1530 Summit/Explore the area
1730 Start Descent
1830 ETA Brgy. Hall
1930 ETD Tanay Proper
2030 ETA Tanay Proper / Dinner
2130 ETD Crossing
2300 ETA Crossing

Opp! oPP! oPP! oppa gangnam style!
The place is quite near in Antipolo and I'm familiar to the route going there, so I decided to take my motorcycle. We were able to save financially and able to manage our time. We left Antipolo around 8AM and reached Brgy. Malaya around 9AM. We registered first, then endorsed my motorcycle to the on-duty "Police Kagawad". People are more hospitable today compared to the last time I visited the place - they welcome mountaineers as their visitors. Police visibility can also be noticed in the area.

Talim Island seen from peak 1
sound tripping
sweet revenge
siesta at the summit
siesta at the summit
Joana and I decided to start trek and wait the rest of the group at Manggahan Campsite. The trail was gentle because the first part of the trail is cemented and well established, it allowed us to do some walk in the park before it becomes slightly steep. Around 9:30AM, we reached manggahan campsite. Some of the locals lived there and one can notice that there's a lot of existing trail . After an hour of rest, Ronfel and the rest of the gang reached Manggahan Campsite. They took fresh buko and ordered Halo-Halo to quench their thirst.

OT superman
panoramic view from the summit
Chilling time
group pic at the summit
We resume our trek as a group by 11:30AM. We took our lunch at the last part of the shaded area before entering the grassland. We didn't rush our hike rather enjoyed the bond "baklaan moment" and sound tripping along the trail. As Ronfel said, he just wanted to be happy. And we support him. Hiking should always be about finding freedom in the peace and beauty of the outdoors.
The way up is about three hours while going down is approximately an hour and thirty minutes. The grassland reminds me of the ones I have seen in Mt. Batolusong and Mt. Tagapo.

At the Summit, a 360 degree view of the nearby islands and mountains can be watched to one's delight. Fish pens can also be seen, forming different graphical shapes. The grasses are dancing to the wind's roaring tune. For me, this climb serves as a "sweet revenge" as I reached again the summit with my OT family. Hoping that our training is enough to conquer our greatest passion. 

Over all this climb is "Fulfilling".Enjoy our captured moments here in my blogs. Signing off for now as we head into another adventure.

beautiful sunset with lovely girls
solo ride with the photo bomber
Group picture (Mt.Sembrano as the background)

Budget Breakdown:

51 - Crossing - Tanay
20 - Tanay - Brgy. Malaya
20 - Reg Fee
40 - Share Food
10 - Ligo
30 - Lunch
61 - Pililla - Crossing
50 - Meryenda

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