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Sunday, September 4, 2011

La Suena Brisa Resort

La Suena Brisa Resort in Lemery Batangas

Touchdown Fernandez Risedence

After a successful overnight camp and hike in Mt. Batulao, we headed to Fernandez Residence to take our lunch and rest for a while to regain our energy. We planned our side trip near the vicinity of Lemery Batangas.
There's a lot of beach resort in the place, but we chose "La Suena Beach Resort" located at the native shore of Lemery boasting not only the breath taking view and warm water of the sea but also of its state-of-the-art facilities inspired by Spanish and Filipino Hospitality

Late Lunch

Ready to explore La Suena Brisa

Beach siteseeing
at the beach
dipping time

The ambiance of the place is totally perfect, you can choose either to swim in the pool or at the beach. Worries will be forgotten through exploring all the attractions of this exceptional beach resort. We enjoyed staying here; we'll definitely come back soon.

After our side trip, we decided to return to the Fernandez Residence to have a movie marathon and socials. Early next day we headed back to Manila.

Prepared Dinner (Yummy!)
Sunset view from La Suena
Kulitan Time
Social's Again
Group Picture

Budget Breakdown:

250 - Share Van (gasoline)
20 - Reg Fee  (new trail)
150 - La Suena Brisa Resort  (Entrance Fee & cottage)
150 Share Food

1 comment:

  1. Wow beach and beached whale
    S all over the place nice clean waters and best big beds in phillipines.