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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bakasyunan - Oyats Annual Getaway

Bakasyunan in Tanay Rizal
Ride with  Oyats

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center is situated in Tanay Rizal. We chose this place for our short overnight trip to celebrate a "Decade of Friendship" with our college friends - to get together, bond and enjoy each others company.

 Just an hour from Antipolo, this place is a new resort in Tanay where family and friends can stay  for a while from the crowded places in the city. It is ideal for corporate outing, with a lot of amenities and activities ideal for team buildings.
way to our accommodation

exploring the area

Day 1

0900 - Meet-up Boni Chekwa
1000 - ETD Antipolo
1100 - ETA Antipolo (Early Lunch)
1200 - Resume ride via Sampaloc route
1330 - ETA Bakasyunan - Check In
1400 - Explore the Area
1500 - Videoke Time/ Snacks (100/per hour)
1700 - Swimming Time/Billiard/Table Tennis
1900 - Dinner
2000 - Videoke Part 2
exploring the area
2100 - Socials
2330 - Lights out

Day 2

0700 - Wake-up Call
0800 - Swimming Time
1000 - Mud Slide Activity
1100 - Wash-up
1130 - Check Out
1200 - Lunch
1300 - Photo ops
1330 - ETD Manila
1530 - ETA Manila

Team Building Activity
Mini - Golf
Videoke - Sky Bar
We chose Sampaloc route in Marcos Highway to avoid large volume of commuters in the route passing through the Tanay Proper.We reached Bakasyunan Resort after an hour. Check-in time is 1:30PM, but we arrived late, around 2pm. Good thing is we don't need to wait - rooms are ready.  Bringing of foods is allowed but you have to pay their corkage fee, though they are not very strict about it.We booked 2 rooms for 11 person which cost 7000php per night. When we got there, the room were already cleaned up. The room were simple - white beddings, a small refrigerator, AC, a  flat screen TV with cable channel and a bathroom.
night swiiming
Billiards / Table Tennis - Activity
Dinner Time
The first thing I saw that really caught my attention when we explored the area was the obstacle course. The ever-adventurous tried some of these while others were relaxing in their rooms. We simply chose some activity that will tailor-fit to the group. We enjoyed videoke in the afternoon, and then swimming at night. It's not an ordinary swimming since we also enjoyed the rain - thus perfectly describing what our event was: "Unang Hirit Sa Tag-Ulan". While waiting for our dinner to be served, some of us played billiards and table tennis, while the others took their time to clean up.

Delicious Food
Dekada na Tayo!
CHEERS for forever Friendship - Happy 10 years ka - OYAT
Having Fun
Having Fun
Dinner's served - a perfect combination of food complements amazing view of scenery from the top of the conference center, where the resto was situated.

Night - While waiting for Bryan and Gho to arrive, some of us washed-up, changed clothes, while the others had another hour of Videoke before heading to our Socials.

Socials -It's a nice time to catch-up again, celebrating our solid 10 years of friendship. Time flies so fast, good friends are hard to come by so I value this friendships I have which definitely will last  a lifetime.
Having Fun
Happy OYATS - Happy TAYO
Finale - Activity
Mud Slide

We took a dip again at the swimming pool early morning then proceeded to our last activity - the much awaited  "Mudslide". We witnessed the first attempt of Marvin and Cris and it looks exciting and thrilling when they reached the muddy area.  Each of us had the slides and laughs of our lives. We really enjoyed the mudslide so much, this being our first try. I’m now ready to conquer a  group mudslide in Caliraya. Most of us had so much fun tried it multiple times.
Having FUN - OYATs in Action
Having FUN - OYATs in Action
Having FUN - OYATs in Action
Happy OYAT
Mini Golf
For the past few years since we all parted ways from College to pursue our corporate careers, we've been maintaining our agreement to gather annually and it was nice seeing that we're still into it even though some of us already have their own family, while some are busy at work. Still we never forget to keep in touch, set some time to bond, and remind each and everyone of our friendship we built that we never thought would last this long, and definitely for long.

Oyat - Hitting the road

Special Thanks to Camille and Eldie who've arranged this, and make this trip successful.

I really appreciate the friendships I have built throughout my career, people I have known throughout my mountaineering journey, but one thing I am certain is that Oyats will forever remain Oyats - no one can replace this. Until next time ka-OYATs  #magkaibiganhabangpanahon

Oyat - Hitting the road
Happy 10 Years - Group Picture

Budget Breakdown:


  1. Wow! I wanna try this mudslide activity sakto malapit lang samin ito.
    thank you sa author, Awesome blog!

  2. awesome story of your friendship. Treasure your friends as they're only thing in this world worth keeping. Thumbs up to all of you guys