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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mt. Balagbag And Kaytitinga Falls

Mt. Balagbag and Kaytitinga Falls in Rodriguez Rizal

Our Itinerary:

Day 1
Start Trek

0400 Assembly, meetup 711 gate2
0445 ETA Cubao, board jeep to Jolibee Tungko
0600 ETA Tungko, take jeep to Karahume or Licao-Licao
0700 Explore the waterfalls from Karahume
1200 Lunch
1300 Resume trek to Summit/Campsite
1500 ETA Summit
1700 Prepare dinner
1800 Dinner/Socials
???? Lights out

Day 2

0500 Wakeup call, Prepare breakfast
Lunch along the trail
0600 Breakfast/Exploration within the vicinity
0730 Breakcamp
0800 Descent
1000 ETA waterfalls
1100 Prepare Lunch
1200 Lunch
1400 Head back to terminal/Licao-Licao
1500 ETA Tungko
1600 ETA Cubao 
1700 ETA Cogeo, Shot

Rocky Trail

 After our rain-filled climb last month in Mt. Tagapo, we were again drenched here in Mt. Balagbag. We're lucky enough trekking under the rain, because if you were to trek this mountain during summer, you will definitely prefer to climb it this way.



 Mt.Balagbag is situated along the boundaries of Norzagaray, Bulacan and Rodriguez Rizal. Water from its tributaries contribute to the water that passes through Ipo Dam which then goes to the La Mesa Water Reservoir.

Sea of Clouds daw

 It is a favorite place among bikers and those who love an easy trek - it takes only over a hour to reach the campsite. However, it depends on your pacing and if you love to take pictures along the way, as the trail is well marked by a road that leads almost directly to the summit.

 The Summit is also serve as the campsite, which  can accommodate up to 20 tents. There is a Philippine Flag located at the summit area, and a small hut can be also found.

Summit View


on the way to falls

 In our next day, we proceeded to our sidetrip. Mt Balagbag has a waterfall that looks like those  infinity pools.We reached the falls after two hours of descending - it looks magnificent!. The waterfall is somewhat challenging, some parts have rocks that were slippery and sharp.

The Falls

Leaving the falls

 We took our lunch beside the falls and then afterwards we explored and swam our hearts out!.

 Another memorable experience with my C&D Family, it was a nice and rewarding climb for all of us..
 Until our next rainy climb!

Group Picture

Budget Breakdown:

24 - Antipolo - Cubao
23 - Cubao - Tungko
25 - Tungko - Licao Licao
120 - Share Food (Butane etc..)
25 - Licao Licao - Tungko
23 - Tungko - Cubao
24 - Cubao - Cogeo


  1. kailangan ba ng tour guide dito o carry na kahit wala?

  2. sir na try nio na po ba ung "balagbag circuit"?