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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mt. Tibig

Mt. Tibig in Lobo Batangas

bagtag design

Mt. Tibig is situated in Brgy. Banalo in Lobo, Batangas, with an estimated elevation of up to 563 meters above sea level. Before heading to jump-off point, hikers/mountaineers are required to drop-off to Lobo Municipal Police Station to register. No registration fee being collected as of now.

We chose this newly-opened mountain in Lobo Batangas to celebrate our third anniversary. Three years of enjoying outdoors - years of exploring, discovering, hard work and success.

OT Anniv Climb

Day 1

0700 Assembly 7 eleven Boni Caltex
0800 ETD Batangas City
1200 ETA Lobo Proper (lunch)
1300 Buy food supplies
1400 Register Police Station
1430 ETA Jump-off (Brgy. Banalo)/Arrange Guide
1500 Start Trek
1600 Entering Grassland
1700 ETA Summit/ Sunset viewing
1800 Pitch Tent/Prepare Dinner
1930 Socials
2300 Lights out

Day 2
PNP - emergency contact number

0600 Wake-up call/ Breakfast
0700 Visit Tibig Cliff / Picture Taking
0800 Break Camp
0900 Start Descend
1015 ETA Jump-off / Siesta
1200 Lunch
1300 Wash-up
1430 ETD Manila
1800 ETA Manila

Registration Area
For PNP records "lol"

After two months of hibernating, we hit the trail again. It’s always good to be back to hiking because it offers an enduring experience that is worthwhile. After a four long hours of travel, we reached Poblacion, Lobo, Batangas - dizzy and groggy due to the zigzag road. We immediately took our packed lunch at nearby cafeteria. Afterwards, we proceeded to Poblacion Market to fill in our supplies for our hike.

heading to Brgy. Banalo
Start Trekking
Take - 5 
A Nipa hut at the middle part of the trail

From Poblacion Market, it will just take approximately 10-20 mins to reach  Brgy. Banalo. We had to enter a dead but obviously a dangerous river during rainy conditions. Upon arriving at the jump-off, we met Kuya Gabino at BSU. He let her daughter to assist us to reach the jump-off. We were greeted with a warm welcome by the  hospitable people of Brgy. Banalo. We decided not to start our trek to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.

selfie before ending the day - #selfiepamore
Pag-ibig sa Mt. Tibig
enjoying sunset
Menu for dinner - credit to Master Chef of OT (koyang)
Dinner Time/Socials

We started our trek around 4:30PM. The first part of the trail is a walk in the park followed by a slightly steep trail. A nipa hut serves as a landmark that you reached the middle part of the trail and then gives way for entry to the grassland.

After of almost two hours of trekking, the group reached the summit. We were able to enjoy the magnificent and stunning view brought by the sunset.

Good Morning Mt. Tibig
Mt. Tibig Cliff
Socials - a favorite part of every overnight climb, where everyone can share laughters and happiness. We played games such as "Hula Bira" and "Category". Some luckily won the the cheer but not the game. At the end we're all the winners as we enjoyed each other's company, celebrating our anniversary with unforgettable moments to share. Spending weekends with these kind of adventures definitely is worth relishing for - once-in-a-lifetime moments that we will surely look back come the time when we're all old and wanting for more of these.

Started the day with selfie - #selfiepamore
panoramic shot from summit campsite - southeast part of Mt. Tibig range
Mighty Mt. Halcon seen from the summit
panoramic shot from summit campsite - northwest part of Mt. Tibig range
Mt. Tibig Cliff

Rise and shine  OT - We had a chance to visit the famous part of Mt. Tibig - way down the summit campsite you will see a scenery-covered cliff, where photographers and fellow mountaineers will love to play and capture - not to mention the "selfie" lovers. Neighboring mountains can be seen, such as Mt. Banoi, Mt. Daguldol, Mt. Naguiling, Bangkalan Peak and Nagpatong Peak. Plus, the Mighty Halcon of Mindoro.

with my sweet explorer
trail tracking - distance from jump-off

Trail form jump-off to summi
neighboring mountain - Mt. Banoi

We descended around 9:30AM and successfully reached jump-off point after an hour of trekking. We were gladly invited to Ate's mini Hut to relax and enjoy the ambiance. People in this area we're very hospitable, they even offered their home to us and whatever they have to make us feel comfortable after an amazing hike - without asking anything in return. Having a community like this in every place we visit will make one wish to visit again in the near future.

Happy 3rd Ka -OT
drop-off to SM city Batangas
We left Barangay Banalo around 3:00PM and bade goodbye to kind people of this barrio.

How time flies - three years of outdoor adventure. We met a lot of people along the trail and continued learning, constantly reminding us that  you can learn what you want to learn, you just need to make sure that you never close your mind to something different - an empty cup always ready to be filled with new knowledge & experiences.

Until next time Outdoor Trippers. Happy 3rd Anniversary.
Late lunch - Early Dinner (burrp!)
Group Picture


  1. Nice blog sir Jonnel! ��

    #selfiepamore! 'Til our next lakad ka-OT!

  2. pagbigyan nyo na si pignose :D

    more pa! more selfie!

  3. Post like this makes me feel homesick! I miss climbing mountains with OT! Happy 3rd! More to come.

    1. Kuya allan!! Sa pagbalik mo kase philippines i-climb natin agad ;) wemissyou!