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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mt. Taraw

Mt. Taraw a.k.a Taraw cliff in El Nido Palawan

waiting for boarding

Mt. Taraw also known as "Taraw Cliff" is the highest point in El Nido. There was unexpected invites from a friends which prepares us a short length of time. Every time I have a scheduled out of town, I do research to the place, if I can do some trekking. Luckily I found Taraw Cliff, for our love of mountains, being in El Nido this cliff is the place to be added in our experience.

shopping before heading to El Nido
Dinner time


Nipa Hut
Day 0

1600 Assembly NAIA 3
1800 Boarding Time
1830 ETD Puerto Princesa Airport
1940 ETA Puerto Princesa Airport
2000 Late Dinner
2200 ETD El Nido

Day 1

0300 ETA El Nido
0700 Check-in Accomodation (rest)
0800 Breakfast (explore the area) free time
view from my bed
1100 Arrange guide to Taraw Cliff
1130 ETD El Nido town Proper
1140 ETA Town Proper (early lunch)
1300 Start Trek
1430 Taraw Summit (cliff viewing)
1530 Start Descend
1630 ETA jump-off (rest)
1700 Heading back to Accomodation
1730 Dropping by El Nido Market (re-supply) for dinner
1800 Prepare Dinner
2000 Dinner
2200 Lights off

Going to Mt. Taraw
 unique tricycle of Palawan
Our flight was scheduled 6:30PM and luckily it went smooth even though there was a typhoon in Palawan. We arrived at Puerto Prinscesa Airport ahead of time and immediately take our dinner at Robinson Palawan. We bought some foods, clothes and make a quick tour at the mall as well. After almost 6 hours of travelling from Puerto Prinscesa to El Nido, we reached our lodge and took some rest. We took lunch at the town proper in near cafeteria. We're simply amazed to a type of vehicle around the area which is the tricycle.
Entry point (first part of the trail)
Let's do this
Trekking or rubber shoes is a must

According to our local Guide the best time to climb the Mt. Taraw is early morning around 7-9AM. We started our trek around 01:30PM, thought it was a bad idea because we can exposed directly from the heat of sun.

To get to the jump off, you have to passed through some local houses. Jump off greeted us with a big rocks, so from that point challenge accepted! ^_^. The ascent is gradual but will immediately require some rock scrambling.

glimpse of scenery
beautiful rock formation at the summit
sharp edges
touch down (summit)

Our excitement heightened when we saw a glimpse of scenery along the trail as we go up and up. The rocks are really sharp and anything sharp always points to danger, so it’s really better to secure your footing and not rush to get to the top, if you are not that careful and feet turn to a wrong move, you can get some bruises or worst wounds.

view from the peak
foreigner also explore the area
panoramic view from the summit
Ave and May dated in Taraw

 The view at the summit was spectacular and breathtaking . The whole El Nido town and nearby islands can be seen. It made me appreciate the naturals beauty of the place. Good thing that the weather was unbelievably good. Because it is not a good choice to conquer this great wonders of God on bad weather, stone might be slippery.

with great effort, comes great reward
Summit Area
My Sweet explorer conquered Taraw Cliff

After one hour of staying at the summit, we started our descend. From time to time we need to trek slowly but surely. It takes only one hour to reach the jump-off, again it depends on the pacing of the group. I'm glad that all of us reached Taraw and returned back safe. Our day one here in El Nido was a success and felt accomplished. I strongly recommended this trip to my friends and for the visitors of El Nido.

clear scenic view from the summit
El Nido Market

After a tiring trip to Taraw, we head to El Nido Market to buy foods for our dinner. Meats and Chicken are more expensive than sea foods. We bought "tahong", fish, vegetables and some condiments we need.

While preparing foods, the sun send the warm goodbye for this day. Special thanks to JC, Fredo and Jojo for preparing  dinner. SaRaaaaP!!!...
Day one accomplished..

Sunset View
Cooked dinner (yum!)
Group Picture
Mt. Taraw Video <-----

Budget Breakdown:

(airfare not included)
6000 - Package tour(7pax) day O to day 3 (puerto-El Nido - Puerto) (lunch included)
150 - Guide Fee (Taraw Cliff)
260 - food (dinner) day 1 and day 2
40 - environmental fee (puerto princesa) day 2
20 - entrance fee Ugong rock formation
100 - terminal fee (puerto princesa airport)
500 - personal expenses etc..
1000 - pasalubong etc..

follow our 2nd day  (click this link)


  1. Oh no! i've been in El Nido but i didn't noticed this one.
    I will include this one on my next trip there..

    1. nice to hear that.. happy trip in advance Liza :)

  2. awesome blog!
    more tourist will be attracted to El Nido! worth sharing!!

  3. Hi Sir can i join to your future trip, your blogs looks exciting and adventurous, hope i can join in one of your trips - Ivan

  4. mayroon palang pwedeng akyatin sa el nido. sayang naman nandyan ako last december puro island hopping lang pinaggagagagagagawa namin. kainggit sir ganda!

  5. adventurous! Highschool classmate ko si May.. nakaka excite magpunta ng El Nido.

  6. I must visit this place! thanks for sharing!