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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Manabu Peak Traverse

Manabu Peak in Sto Tomas Batangas

Our Itinerary:

Day 1

0400 assembly gate2
0500 ETA ALPS terminal-Cubao
0600 ETD to Lipa
0800 ETA Fiesta Mall Lipa Batangas, take jeep/tricycle to Sitio Talisay
0830 Reach jumpoff(Talisay) Start trek
1000 ETA water source
1100 ETA Susong dalaga, Lunch
1200 Descent
1300 Fork
1700 Malipunyo, Pitch camp
1800 Prepare dinner
1900 Dinner Socials
???? Lights out

Traversing Manabu Peak From Malipunyo

0600 wakeup call / prepare breakfast & packed lunch for Manabu
0730 breakfast
0800 exploration
0830 breakcamp
0900 descent/trek to manabu
1100 Lunch
1200 Resume trek
1530 ETA Manabu / Explore vicinity
1700 Reach Sto Thomas
1830 ETD Cubao
2000 ETA Cubao 
2100 Cogeo


 We continue our traverse to Manabu Peak from Mt. Malipunyo. Our chosen exit point is Sto Tomas, Batangas. Manabu Peak is known as a "Cofee Mountain"  because at the middle of the trail, there's a hut owned by Mang Pirying, who offers homemade "Kapeng Barako" - absolutely for free.

Dalandan (along the trail)
Pomelo (along the trail)
Atis (Aling the trail)
Group Picture (way to Manabu)

Manabu Peak (seen from the trail of traverse)

It took 6hours of trekking just to reach Manabu Peak, that's excluding the time to prepare for lunch and some occasional rest. We're thankful that we saw some fruits along the trail as it served as our trail food. A refreshing buko that quenched our thirst.

Kuya Mario (finding the trail)
Night Descent

We reached the Manabu Peak around 1730H - with no clearing for us that time. We took some picture then decided to head down to Mang Pirying's place. When we reached the hut, we feated at the Kapeng Barako that Mang Pirying's offered. We rest there for about 30 minutes, then we decided to head down  to jump-off.

Take 5
 We used the comfort room of the locals who also offer Kapeng Barako. We just paid them 20 pesos each for "ligo", then gave 500 pesos to Kuya Mario plus an additional 300 pesos and 2 Empi lights to reward him for being an awesome guide to us.

After we settled and finished packing our things, we bade our final goodbyes to Kuya Mario and to the friendly locals who opened their home for us. Then we headed back to Manila.

We took our late dinner at Chowking Cubao. It was a tiring yet memorable climb for us.. Until Next Climb!
Late Dinner 0130H (day 3)

Group Picture (Manabu Peak Summit)

Budget Breakdown:

24 - Cogeo - Cubao
130 - Cubao - Lipa
20 - Tricycle - Jump-Off
10 - Reg Fee
50 - Share Guide
80 - Share Food
20 - Tricycle to Lipa
130 - Lipa - Cubao
24 - Cubao - Cogeo
100 - Dinner (day 2)

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