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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mt. Tagapo Overnight

Mt. Tagapo in Talim Island, Laguna de Bay

Our Itinerary:

Day 1

06:00 am - Assembly Time 7 eleven Gate 2 (cogeo)
otw to Brgy. Janosa
07:00 am - ETD Binangnan Port
08:30 am - ETD Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island)
09:30 am - ETA Brgy. Janosa
10:45 am - Arrival at Brgy. Janosa Port, register at the barangay hall, final preparations
11:30 am - Start trek
12:00 nn - Mango Tree
12:50 pm - ETA Campsite
01:10 pm - Pitch Tent
02:00 pm - Rest (explore the area)
05:00 pm - Prepare Dinner
07:00 pm - Dinner
08:00 pm - Socials
LIGHTS out??

Day 2
04:00 am - Wake-up call (prepare breakfast)
05:00 am - Quick Breakfast
05:15 am - Summit Assault
Touchdown Brgy. Janosa
05:30 am - ETA Summit (Sunrise viewing)
06:30 am - Start Descend (back to Campsite)
07:30 am - Break Camp
08:30 am - Start Descend (back to jump-off)
10:30 am - ETA Brgy. Hall (prepare lunch)
11:30 am - Early Lunch (Wash-up)
02:00 pm - ETD Binangonan Port
03:00 pm - ETA Binangonan Port
03:30 pm - ETD Antipolo
04:30 pm - ETA Antipolo

Mt. Tagapo (covered by clouds)

Mt. Tagapo is situated at the heart of Laguna de Bay. It's easy to travel here and the climb is minor accessible, you only need to board a pumpboat from the Binangonan Port to reach the island of Brgy. Janosa.

The Trail

Happy Camper as they explore the summit

Summit Assault

We reached Binangonan Port around 1100H, and we're a bit off our Itinerary due  weather issues. We took our lunch on our way to Brgy. Janosa. We reached Brgy. Janosa around 1230H, registered at the Brgy. Hall and arranged for our guide. Kuya Archie assisted us in our journey. After two long hours of trekking we successfully reached the campsite,We pitched our tents near the summit, which is 15-20 mins. away from the campsite. Around 1800H the fog started cover the whole area and  rain continued the whole night, up until we woke up in the morning. Around 0800H the rain stopped, and we had a chance to explore the summit. We we're rewarded  rewarded a 360-view of the summit, which includes Laguna de bay and its surrounding towns, Makati, Ortigas, Mt Makiling, Mt. Sembrano, Sierra Madre Mountain Range plus a couple of other peaks.
At the summit, we were rewarded with a 360-view which includes Laguna de bay and its surrounding towns, Ortigas and Makati skyline, Mt. Sembrano, the Sierra Madre mountain range,  plus a couple of other peaks.  - See more at:

Mt. Sembrano (covered by clouds)

Mt. Makiling as viewed from the summit

If you will look the pictures, the clouds looked like a giant tsunami. After some picture taking, we decided go back to the campsite and head back to the jump-off area.

View from the summit of Mt. Tagapo


Our descent is the best part of my Mt. Tagapo Adventure. Rain continued as we left the campsite. Trekking in the middle of the rain - all while walking in a muddy and slippery trail gave flashback of my childhood days. It was a nice feeling..

on the way home

We reached the Barangay Hall wet muddied, yet thankful to God for His protection and allowing us to see His wonderful works.

Another Successful Climb cheers C&D family..

We’re all safe.

Group Picture (Summit)

Budget Breakdown:

42 - Antipolo - Binangonan Port
30 - Binangonan - Brgy Janosa
20 - Reg fee (Brgy. Hall)
120 - Share Food
30 - Brgy. Janosa - Binangona Port
42 - Binangonan Port - Antipolo

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