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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mt. Tukduan

Mt. Tukduan in Tanay Rizal

Our Itinerary:

Day 0
Covered Court (Sta Inez)
23:00 –  Assembly Time Petron Forest Hills (cogeo)

Day 1
02:00 – ETD Brgy. Sta. Ines
04:00 – Stay at Covered Court at Brgy Sta Ines
(Coutesy call @ Brgy Hall and Military Detachment)
06:00 – Breakfast / Prepare Packed Lunch
07:00 – Start Trek to Sitio Sadlak (Prepare for 11 river crossings)
11:30 – Eat lunch at Kubo near Water falls
13:00 – Start descent to
14:00 – ETA Basecamp
14:30 – Set Camp/Sight seeing/Picture taking
17:00 – Prepare Dinner
18:00 – Dinner
18:30 – SOCIALS
Start Trek

Day 2
05:00 – Breakfast / Prepare Packed Lunch / Break Camp
06:00 – Start trekking to Irid Peak
11:00 – Summit of Irid Peak, Explore the summit take picture/Lunch
12:00 – Start descend to Sitio Sadlak Bunkhouse / Prepare to trek back to Brgy. Sta. Ines
17:00 – Brgy. Sta. Ines / Wash-Up
18:00 – Ride rented Jeep going to Cogeo Jeep Terminal
20:00 – Cogeo Jeep Terminal

River Crossing

Our Group participated in a Freedom Climb. This climb aims to promote unity among mountaineers. It is also attempts to surpass the world record for the biggest number of mountain climbers who scaled multiple summits within 24 hour.

Going to Sta Inez is not an easy ride. When you reach the way to Sta Inez, you will experience the bumpy rough road.

Group Picture (Tukduan Team)

On our first day, we reached the Sta Inez covered court around 0300H, enough time to rest a bit and wake-up around 0600H. The organizer oriented us and divided the group into two Teams. Team Irid will start trekking by 0700H while Team Tukduan will commence by 0800H.

Our Group belonged to Team Tukduan so our goal is to reach the Mt. Tukduan on the first day.

Summmit Assault

 Team Irid will wait the campsite near the foot of Mt. Irid. They will do summit assault and visit the Kinabuan Falls on second day.

 After taking our lunch, we started trekking  Mt. Tukduan and reached the summit after 3hours of trekking. The Summit of Mt. Tukduan is not that established yet because only a few mountaineers were able to visit this virgin mountain.

Neighboring Mountain (Mt. Irid)

Our Team lead decided to abort pursuing the summit assault due to time constraints. We then descended and finished after two hours.

We headed to Irid Campsite around 1800H, As it is dark already, we turned our headlamps "ON" and pushed with the night trek. This is my first time to experience night trekking, with matching frequent rains, and not to mention these leeches that made the adventure  more thrilling and challenging.

Take 15
 Group of lights from the other group served as our signal going to Mt. Irid campsite

We reached the campsite after of 2 hours. and hurriedly pitched our tents. The good thing is that the food is ready, cooked by the organizers. After dinner, I don't have enough energy to explore the area so I decided to sleep and rest.

Our Day 2 adventure continue...
Click Here as day 2 continue..
Night Trek to Campsite (Tukduan Team)

Group Picture

Budget Breakdow:

500 Freedom Climb Reg Fee (t-shirts, baller, Souvenir etc..)
300 Cogeo-Sta Inez (vice versa)
150 Share Food

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