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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ocular Ride to Sta Inez

Ocular Ride to Sitio Sadlak Sta. Inez, Tanay Rizal

Rock & Ride

In preparation to our incoming Freedom Climb this June 2011. We decided to have an ocular ride to Sta Inez Tanay Rizal. At first i don't have any idea about the place we're about to visit. All I know is that I'm free that day and I should join.

I enjoyed the zigzag and cemented road of Sierra Madre, When we entered the rough road area, going to Sta Inez, we had to slow down and enjoy the ambiance of the place.

Rough Road

Breakfast (snacks)

We took our late breakfast along the road. The road is not that established, and it posed the real challenge to reach Sta Inez, not to mention that we have to cross a part of a river. Our vehicles were not really an off-road type, so we decided to park and cross the river. because there are parts where there are large piece of rocks, and there's deep portion of the river which could be possibly make us to lose our balance. We did around 8 river crosses.

Touchdown Sta Inez

River Crossing

We reached Sta Inez at exactly 12:00PM, and we took our lunch near the store of a  friendly local who offered to cook lunch for us. Afterwards we took some rest. At exactly 3:00PM, we decided to head back to Antipolo. We then went to Baldivia's Residence, where we watched "Crazy little things called Love" while eating roacky road ice cream.It's a simple celebration to our successful ocular ride to a never ending rocky road of Sta Inez. Now we're ready for the FREEDOM CLIMB.

The Rider's

On the way Home

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