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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pico de loro

Pico De Loro in Ternate and Maragondon Cavite

Our Itinerary:

Day 1
DENR site
0500 Assembly Time 7eleven Gate 2
1000 ETA Ternate town proper; rent tricycle to Magnetic Hill
1030 ETA DENR/jump-off point
1100 Start trek.  Note that jump-off point is 10 minutes walk away from DENR
1145 ETA Base Camp 1, rest for LUNCH
1215 Start trek to campsite
1500 ETA campsite, pitch tent
1530 Explore the area
1600 Picture Taking
1800 Dinner
1700 Socials

Day 2
pico de loro signage

0700 Wake up call, prepare for breakfast
0800 Breakfast
0830 Summit Assault
0900 ETA Summit
1000 Start descent (back to campsite)
1030 Break camp
1100 ETD base camp 1
1200 ETA base camp 1 (prepare lunch)
1230 late lunch
1330 resume trek descent to DENR
1500 Proceed to sidetrip (Bora de cavite)
1530 ETA Marine Base
1600 Pitch tent (explore the area)
1700 Prepare Dinner
along the trail
1800 Dinner (socials)

Day 3

0500 wake-up call (prepare breakfast)
0700 Breakfast (swimming time)
1200 lunch
1400 Pack-up (break camp)
1500 ETD Manila
1730 ETA Manila

Sun rise (view from the campsite)

 Pico de loro is known as the blockbuster mountain here in the Philippines, due to its unique character. You can see the rocky tower when you reach the summit. The rocky tower presents itself the second summit, experience wouldn't be complete without climbing this.

Praying (before summit assault)

Assault to summit

 I'm a first time climber and I consider myself as a tourist when i visited Pico de loro. At first, I experienced difficulty walking and trekking. Two liters of water is not enough. I would drink everytime we had a stop over, rest or in a mountaineering term "take 5" (rest for 5 minutes).

I'm thankful that there's a water source in base camp 1. This being my first time, being able to reach this place is such a rewarding feeling for me, thinking we're in the middle of our journey. Reaching Parrots beak.

Reaching Parrot's Beak
 As we resumed our trek, i always check my watch, as I noticed  that been awhile since we started  trekking. After 4 long hours, we reached the campsite. That time, all i wanted to do was take a "power nap".

The next day, beautiful sunrise greeted - in time for another adventure. Only 8 people in our group, including me, reached the Parrot's Beak, At first, nerves took its toll on me reaching the rocky tower, but once I reached its peak. I felt the awesome and rewarding feeling, being able to conquer your fears knowing I have this fear of heights.
Parrot's Beak

 After a successful attempt reaching the Parrot's Beak and some picture taking. Our group had a quick break camp and decided to head down the mountain. We had a late lunch in base camp one and resumed our trek. When we reached DENR, we arranged our service van going to Marine Base.

Marine Base beach, Boracay de Cavite is a white sand beach cove in Ternate, Cavite.The place is open to the public. You don't need to have internal connections to get in the compound. Since is it a fully functional Marines camp, men in uniform are visible throughout the area. You can see some of them training, while others are on their beach maintenance duty.

My first climb is a memorable experienced for me. Thanks to Climb&Dive Family for bringing me here. I will definitely go back.

 Follow our third day adventure, Marine Base as our sidetrip...

Group Picture (The Summiters)
Pico de Loro Summit Video<------

Budget Breakdown:

(15 pax)
230 Share Service
150 Share Food (2days)
10 Denr Fee
10 Base camp 1 Fee
200 Marine Base overnight

1 comment:

  1. This is scary (the Parrot's Beak)... but I still want to take the challenge... *teary eyes*